Health Nexus

The secure new blockchain where patient data and healthcare professionals interact.

Discover the transformative new way for patients and healthcare professionals worldwide to interact confidently and quickly through secure blockchain data storage and transmission.


The Data Challenge
in Healthcare and
Why It Matters

The healthcare industry struggles to share data due to concerns about privacy, security and the costs of aligning different tech infrastructures.
The result is a slow, inaccurate and costly process which impacts people's lives.

It costs
patients money
It can take months to get the right care
It holds healthcare professionals back
It puts
lives at risk

The Health Nexus Solution:
Supporting Providers and Patients

Health Nexus is a decentralized, open-source blockchain protocol, governed by a consortium.
It enables unprecedented benefits:

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What makes Health Nexus work?

Health Nexus is truly decentralized:
Open source, free to build on and governed by a consortium.

Open Source

Health Nexus developer tools are open source and free, allowing community members to build and deploy distributed apps. Developers can create solutions for any part of healthcare: patients, pharmacies, healthcare providers, insurers, or clinical researchers.

Token: Health Cash

Since Health Nexus is a new blockchain, every transaction requires Health Cash, or HLTH, in the same way that Ethereum requires ETH. HLTH opens new opportunities for revenue, not only for providers, but also for patients.

Healthcare-Grade Security

Governance and validation protocols ensure that only HIPAA-compliant servers are allowed in the ecosystem. HIPAA compliance is a recognized healthcare standard that assures safe adoption of the platform.

Distributed Protocol

Health Nexus features a distributed protocol with a built-in key-pair system. It allows users to share their data securely with healthcare providers. Audited smart contracts automatically update providers, ensuring that all involved physicians are informed of the latest diagnoses and treatments.

How Does It All Connect?

Healthcare application providers enter commercial agreements with healthcare providers and patients.

Healthcare application providers build services on Health Nexus.

The healthcare industry uses those applications to access and share data.

Health cases are used to fuel every transaction on Health Nexus.

The Health Nexus Blockchain Protocol

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How Health Nexus Empowers Interaction

Health Cash
ERC 20
Total Supply
For Sale
Pre-sale Amount
(remainder frozen for one year)
Whitelist Sale
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Wait list
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Health Cash

Health cash is the transactional cryptocurrency of the Health Nexus blockchain. Like Ethereum has ether, Health Nexus has health cash. Health Cash is abbreviated as HLTH.

The HLTH token gives immediate access to the Health Nexus key/pair system, which lets token holders use HLTH to purchase data-access keys from compatible data providers.

It can also be voluntarily exchanged for health cash on Health Nexus once commercially released.


Kat Kuzmeskas, MPH

Co-Founder, CEO

Background: Yale New Haven Health, Community Health Center, Inc., and Teach For America

Lucas Hendren

Co-Founder, CTO

Background: Lead Blockchain Developer at Capital One; Award-winning full-stack developer

Jake Dreier

Director, Growth & Operations

Background: Yale School of Management, Goldman Sachs, Teach For America

David Akers

Senior Advanced Blockchain Engineer

Background:  Blockchain researcher at Cubic; veteran emerging technology specialist; Quintify, Skyway Software, SAP Ariba

David Korn

Business Development Strategist

Background: Integrated Physicians Management Services, Bletchley Park Advisors, Schwartz Heslin Group

Kenny Winn

​Business Development Strategist

Background: Clinical Healthcare Administration, Yale New Haven Hospital, MedStar Georgetown University Hospital

Lori Dollard

Business Development Strategist

Background: Transdermal Therapeutics, TAP Pharmaceuticals, Owens and Minor

Camille Chicklis

​Lead Data Scientist

Background: healthcare systems engineer with experience designing, analyzing, and implementing value-based payment programs


Alex Bessonov

Blockchain Advisor

Background: Blockchain startup founder, 20 years experience in security, privacy, and blockchain, Former CSO of LGE

Brian Kern

Healthcare Advisor

Background: President and Founder of Toro Risk Consulting Group, LLC

Brian Levine

Blockchain Advisor

Background: Founding Director UMass Amherst Cybersecurity Institute, security, privacy, and forensics as applied to networks

Brian O'Connor

Strategic Advisor: Healthcare Enterprise Sales; Enterprise Tech
Background: Evariant Healthcare CRM, Universal Mind, Blue Cross Blue Shield - Massachusetts, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Irshaad Ebrahim

Blockchain in Healthcare Advisor
Background: Blockchain in Healthcare expert, Medical Director of the London Sleep Centre, Co-founder of London Sleep Centre Dubai

James Sowers

ICO Advisor
Background: Founder Crypto Specialist LLC, Angel investor and crypto capitalist

Jesse Scharff

Strategic Advisor: Healthcare Strategy and Business Development
Background: Health Care Advisory Board, Deloitte Consulting, Georgetown University

John Halamka

Blockchain + Healthcare Advisor
Background: CIO, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center; Blockchain Advisor: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Rob Wright

Healthcare Board Member
Background: COO and Co-founder Med-Metrix

Tim Corvino

Healthcare Board Member
Background: President, US Acute Care Solutions

Vikram Dhillon

Blockchain in Healthcare Advisor
Background: Blockchain in Healthcare expert researcher, MD/PhD Candidate, Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences graduate

Wayne Vaughan

Blockchain Advisor

Background: Blockchain startup founder, 20 years of software and product design, one of the first SaaS marketing automation platforms, Blockchain Capital Advisor





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