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the data challenge in healthcare
and why it matters

The healthcare industry struggles to share data due to concerns about privacy, security, and the costs of aligning different tech infrastructures.

The result is a slow, inaccurate, and costly process which impacts people’s lives.

It costs patients money

"I had to fight with doctors to get my paperwork for my chronic pain. The extra $400 my family had to spend to re-diagnosis me from the same doctor was something we could not afford."

It can take months to get right care

"I moved from Texas to Montana while I’m the midst of a mental health crisis. The psychiatrist my primary care physician recommended would not see me until she received records from my providers in Texas.

One paychiatrist’s office took 8 months to send my records. The mental health facility where I received outpatient care during my mental health crisis never sent records. Thankfully I wasn’t suicidal during my mental health crisis, but it was still a very rough eight months waiting for the provider in Texas to forward my medical records so that I could receive treatment."

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It holds healthcare professional back

"This is an issue we face on a day to day basis. Working in oncology, many patients like to get several opinions before deciding what to do regarding treatment decisions.

When patients come to us for second opinions from outside facilities, we require certain information such as; pathology reports from initial biopsy, scan reports, office notes, and any treatment the patient may have received. Without these records our providers are unable to give the patient a proper consultation. This information is required in order for us to provide the patient with our opinion. The problem is not all health care facilities shares the same electronic medical record system. This makes it extremely difficult to obtain the necessary medical records in order to provide optimal patient care. When all the records are not with us at the time of the patient visit, their time is wasted, our time is wasted, and patient care is compromised."

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It puts lives at risk

"We were traveling to Dallas to visit family over Christmas when my daughter fell ill. At 6 weeks old and with a very high fever, the urgent care we visited did a dangerous and life threatening spinal tap on my infant.

After being transported to the nearby hospital, we were required to do another spinal tap because they could not share test results. Upon returning to Houston 2 weeks later, the hospital had to do a third tap. All of these gave the exact same information and put my child at risk 3 times."

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the health nexus solution

Health Nexus is an open-source blockchain protocol that provides a more efficient, trustworthy and secure path for the data to travel.

Whether its patients to providers, pharmaceuticals to researchers, or supply chain to consumers, Health Nexus opens up a whole marketplace for innovation in data transfer for the healthcare community.

what makes health nexus work?

Health Nexus is truly decentralized: open source, free to build on, and governed by a consortium.

Developer Focus

Open Source

Health Nexus developer tools are open source and free allowing community members to build and deploy distributed apps. Developers can create solutions for any part of healthcare: patients, pharmacies, healthcare providers, insurers, or clinical researchers.

Health Cash Icon

Token: Health Cash

Because Health Nexus is a new blockchain, every transaction on the Health Nexus blockchain requires Health Cash (HLTH), just like Ethereum needs ETH. HLTH opens up new revenue stream opportunities for patients and providers.

Secure Data Storage

Healthcare-grade Security

Health Nexus is a new blockchain - it is healthcare-grade because of its governance and validation protocols ensure that only HIPAA-compliant servers are allowed on the ecosystem. This is a recognized standard in healthcare, which means Health Nexus is safely adoptable.

Block Chain Protocol

Distributed Protocol

The built-in key pair system allows users to securely share their data with healthcare providers. Then audited smart contracts automatically update providers, ensuring all involved physicians are informed of the latest diagnoses and treatments.

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our existing blockchain product

ConnectingCare is a revenue generating blockchain solution to help providers in Value Based Care (payment for results). In the future it will live on Health Nexus, and is one example of many future applications which could be built on Health Nexus. If you want to know more about ConnectingCare checkout this video.

ConnectCare by SimplyVital Health
Connecting Care

how does it all connect?

Health Nexus marketplace

health cash

Health cash is the transactional cryptocurrency of the Health Nexus blockchain. Like Ethereum has ether, Health Nexus has health cash.

The HLTH token gives immediate access to the Health Nexus key/pair system which lets token holders use HLTH to purchase data access keys from compatible data providers.

It can also be voluntarily exchanged for health cash on Health Nexus once commercially released.

Name:Health Cash
Type:ERC 20
Total Supply:200,000,000
For Sale:120,000,000
Whitelist Sale:Registration closed. Starts Late February / Early March 2018.
Wait list:Registration Open now.

Health Cash

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